Information for New Patients

Chiropractic Yelm WA New Patient

Are you new to Living Well Chiropractic? We are here to help.

We want to make every visit to Living Well Chiropractic in Yelm a positive experience. Below you will see in detail what you can expect on the first visit.

  1. You can complete our forms online - they should have been emailed to you by the office. If these forms are not completed before-hand, please arrive 15 minutes early to fill out forms.
  2. With every new patient, we will check your vitals, blood pressure, height, weight, allergies, etc...
  3. Then, we will prepare for the adjustment. This may include using our mechanical traction therapy tables with hot and/or cold therapy.
  4. We will assess your condition during the examination and may provide treatment. He will decide the best course of treatment and tailor a plan for you and your specific needs.
  5. Some patients may benefit from low-level laser treatment which has been shown to aid in reducing inflammation (swelling) and promote tissue healing. This may speed up your recovery!
  6. Our friendly office staff will then reschedule you for any follow-up appointments needed.

** If you are involved in an accident we require PIP coverage or third party representation PRIOR to your first appointment.


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